Psychodynamic Counsellor Manchester

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Deciding to undertake a course of therapy is an important step. You may have a clear idea of what you want to work on, or have just decided that it is time to change something. Psychodynamic counselling can help you to look at things in a supported way. It can help with noticing our patterns of behaviour and possible earlier incarnations of these patterns.

Finding the right therapist is an important part of the process. My practice is psychoanalytically informed; looking at the ways we relate to both ourselves, to others and noticing this in the therapeutic relationship itself. The psychotherapist helps to hold a space for looking at and thinking about distress, unconscious thoughts, instincts, patterns in our behaviour and ways of relating.

Attending therapy is way to stop and to notice how we really are (rather than how we think we should be). Doing this with a therapist can help us to name and explore the difficulty we may more usually avoid, helping in looking at patterns we may want to unpack.

With psychodynamic counselling we start with one or two initial consultations. This gives us chance to consider if this type of therapy is the right fit for you, what you may want to work on and if  you would want to work in a longer term, exploratory way or for shorter term more focused therapy.

I am committed to practising therapy in a non-judgemental way. Outside of clinic I actively work on myself and the unconscious biases I carry. Please be aware that addressing systemic racism and other biases that impact on fair access to privilege is something I am deeply committed to.