Psychodynamic Counsellor Manchester

About Therapy

Psychodynamic counselling is a method of talking therapy that draws upon psychoanalytic theory. Sigmund Freud originated this way of thinking about human distress. He believed that it is our unconscious beliefs, feelings and instincts that can lead to difficulty for us. This difficulty can often show up in the form of symptoms. This might be something we recognise and can name, such as anxiety or depression. We may also notice less defined states such as a lack of feeling fulfilled.

In undertaking psychodynamic counselling it isn’t essential to go through our early childhood experiences. It’s more about how we relate; to ourselves, to others and with your therapist in the clinic setting. Of course our earliest relationships are those from childhood and our patterns of relating often link back to this. In psychodynamic counselling it’s also invaluable to look at the here and now, to what we are experiencing, our conscious thoughts and those just out of reach.